Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ironman--next on THE LIST

After seeing a sign in my neighbor's yard saying, "Congratulations Keena! 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. Ironman Couer d'Alene." I knew I had another one to add to THE LIST--an Ironman. Another inspiration was seeing the Team Hoyt on YouTube do numerous Ironman competitions. At the Boston Marathon last year I was able to meet and talk to Dick Hoyt as well. The Ironman race fills up quickly. The day after the race is held in June registration is opened for the next year and fills up in one day. So I had a full year to think about it. When my chance came last June I logged in, paid $500, and signed up. Ever since I hit the submit button I have had this feeling of "What have I done now?"

My neighbor Keena is a triathlon coach (Coach Keena). I signed up for her class which has been a huge help to me. I get an e-mail each day of the workout I am supposed to do and then each Friday morning we meet at 5:30 at a local recreation center to have specific training and to have her correct our form (swimming, running, biking). There are about 15 of us in her current class (about half males and half females). I have found that triathletes are a different breed--the earlier the better--the more difficult the better--a pretty tough group.

I only see the people in my triathlon class in the very early hours of the morning either in swimwear, biking or running shorts. Well, the other day after one of these workouts I was in Nordstroms returning a belt (too big now with all the working out). While I was standing at the cashier's area two of the girls from the class came up to me and said, "Oh, it's Chad." (They did not recognize me right off out of my workout attire). I didn't recognize them at first either so to clarify one of them said, "Oh, I forget. You have never seen us in clothes." They went on with their shopping and I with my exchange. After a couple of awkward minutes for the sales associate (a local young college student--I'm sure), he asked what I did for a living (he was ready I'm sure to look into a new major). I replied that I was a dentist. He asked what kind of a dentist I was. (I could tell he wanted to know more). Being a little naive by nature, I finally put the whole experience together. I said, "Oh, you are wondering why those girls said that.............."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boston Marathon 2007

So this is what I get after all that training--a nor'easter! From the second our flight landed until we climbed back on the plane it was rainy and cold! Out of the last 111 years that the race has been run it was among the 5 coldest.
Before race day we spent a few days looking at all the sights in downtown Boston--especially the Freedom Trail.
An old cemetery near the Boston Commons.
Lynette and I on the freedom trail. The wind was blowing so bad that we would walk around a corner and our umbrellas would turn inside out!
On the morning of the race leaving to catch the bus for the starting line.
The 1st thing I said to Lynette when I was finished with my race (with a 3:24) was "I have unfinished business--I have to do this again when I don't have a 35 mile an hour wind in my face"!
What a great atmosphere! What a great marathon to be a part of! The big downer was as we finished the race we all learned that while we were running a tragedy was taking place at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Marathons--in the beginning...

The first marathon I ran was in 1992 (Desert News Marathon in Salt Lake City--10 miles uphill and then 16 miles downhill). I have always been a runner and thought it might be fun to run one. About a month before the race I sent in my application and starting "training". The farthest I had ever run in a workout before the race was 10 miles. I had never tried to take fluids while running or any supplements (I don't think Gu packs were around then?). I decided last minute to buy some new shoes for the race the next day. The night before the race I heard that I should carbo load. What was that? I ate a half a loaf of Wonder bread and drank about a half gallon of water. The other suggestion I heard was ... put Vaseline everywhere and put band aids over your nipples. So with that advice I was off.........

My somewhat supportive wife (she knew I wasn't properly prepared for this--and didn't want to be a single mom raising 6 month old Austin) dropped me off at the "drop off point" at 4 AM. She asked when she should be at the finish line. I had no idea--so 9:30 sounded good. The race began at 5 AM near Park City. I was nervous to drink water while running (for fear of a gut ache) and didn't want to ever stop running (my only goal of the race--plus fear of not being able to get going again). And so I never had more than a sip of water every 2 miles and no carbo gels.

I was in fairly good shape but "hit the wall" at about 22 miles and could only run about 12 minute miles the last 4 miles. Luckily the last 3 miles were along the Days of '47 Parade route and there were lots of people to cheer the runners on at the end--a little boost of needed energy!

I finished the race with a 3:07. I didn't realize until later when I was told that I qualified for the Boston Marathon that this was a pretty good time.

At the finish line I looked dehydrated so I was sent to the medical tent where I was told to drink 20 cups of water. They kept me on a cot to observe me. This is when my wife showed up. Her first thought was that I had been scooped up along the way and brought to the tent. After being able to explain that I finished the race and was just "resting"--all was well.

So an idea was planted in my the Boston Marathon. This wouldn't happen for a number of years (after school and military service) but was added to "The List."

It would be 14 years before I would try it again. But, my 40th birthday was getting near and Boston was still on the THE LIST. This time I decided 2 months before the race to run the Top of Utah Marathon to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I ran some 350 miles in prepartion (including a 1:27 at the Spanish Fork Half Marathon). I needed to run under 3:20 to qualify. At the Logan race I ran a 3:17 and qualified to run the Boston Marathon in April 2007!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


After Austin and Clayton earned their Eagle Scout award this past July we spent a week in Washington DC seeing the sights.

A day in Williamsburg and look where they ended up!

We were able to catch a baseball game wtih the Nationals taking on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Clay and a Marine at the Iwo Jima monument.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Say Cheese!

In November '07 we went on a Dental Humanitarian Trip to the Dominican Republic.