Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boston Marathon 2007

So this is what I get after all that training--a nor'easter! From the second our flight landed until we climbed back on the plane it was rainy and cold! Out of the last 111 years that the race has been run it was among the 5 coldest.
Before race day we spent a few days looking at all the sights in downtown Boston--especially the Freedom Trail.
An old cemetery near the Boston Commons.
Lynette and I on the freedom trail. The wind was blowing so bad that we would walk around a corner and our umbrellas would turn inside out!
On the morning of the race leaving to catch the bus for the starting line.
The 1st thing I said to Lynette when I was finished with my race (with a 3:24) was "I have unfinished business--I have to do this again when I don't have a 35 mile an hour wind in my face"!
What a great atmosphere! What a great marathon to be a part of! The big downer was as we finished the race we all learned that while we were running a tragedy was taking place at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

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nicole said...

Awesome Chad! I still can't believe you did THOSE conditions.